Tour International Danubien (TID)

All TID participants should be given free camp sites.

We welcome all water touring enthusiasts

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Tour - International - Danubien e. V. (TID)
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Invitation to all friends of kayaking, canoeing and rowing

The Danube, one of the largest rivers in the world, crosses Europe from the West to the East and connects ten countries. Since 1956, the longest trip for canoes and rowboats, called the

Tour International Danubien (TID)

takes place on this river. The current route starts off since 1968 on the second last weekend of June in Ingolstadt, from where it leads through the co-organising countries Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. It terminates in the first week of September after 2516 kilometers in SF Gheorge at the Black Sea. During the TID conference in October 2011 Croatia joined the TID organization.

The political importance of the TID is immense. Its main target, set from the beginning, was to bring together people from diverse cultures with all their political, religious and ideological differencies. Furthermore, friendships should be built, the solidarity among all sportsmen and people of other countries should be strengthened, and amisty and peace of people, especially the Danube countries, should be promoted.

Upon the order of the annual meeting of the highest board, the TID conference schedules conditions for participation requirements, and possible changes of the statutes are discussed and defined. In addition, the conference decides on TID awards. The official language of the TID is German (e.g. letters, meeting minutes etc.)

The varying fees in each country are not much more than a symbolic contribution to support the organisation, which relies on honorary collaborators and lots of people's own initiative in every participating country.

After registration, you can join and leave the tour at any of the planned camping sites. Everyone can plan the schedule of the single stages individually and go at his own pace. Physical and mental requirements are enormous. Daily trips count between 40 and 60 kilometers and must be completed regardless of weather conditions (heat, rain, storm). We strongly advise not to take part in case of any health issues. Also proper and well selected equipment is necessary to complete the trip without problems. The conditions and rules for participation have to be accepted and followed.

On tour with TID, you meet people of any age and from all over the world.

We invite you cordially to join an adventurous tour full of memorable moments.

Gottfried Molz,